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ELBA >> Portoferraio
The Beaches
Although it has been the center for the island's main industrial activities, Portoferraio offers some of Elba's most beautiful beaches, spread along the road going from Enfola to Viticcio. Beach Grigolo is practically situated in the center, but is hard to reach since it is only accessible from the Naval Academy and as it is located behind the Medicean Fortification, it is constantly troubled by waves raised by the ferries passing nearby. It is better to decide for Viste beach which also is located behind the harbor but much easier to reach thanks to a sloping ramp that you come on to at the top of the stairs near the homonymous trattoria. The beach, dominated by the remainders of the Medicean fortifications, offers both sand and pebbles and the sea is crystal clear. Still in town, another splendid and snow-white beach is Ghiaie where the sea really is transparent because there is no sand on the sea-beds.
Along the road, both Padulella and Capo Bianco, beach are well indicated and easy to reach. They are divided by a stone promontory and framed by majestic white overhanging faces and a breathtaking sea. Seccione beach, in the east defined by a rock, offers fine and white pebbles mixed with sand. It is easily accessible from the road between Portoferraio and Capo d'Enfola, just as the near snow-white Sottobomba, beach, accessible through narrow and very steep stairs. From the same road you can also get to the cove Acquaviva which, except for the beautiful shadowy pine-wood nearby, offer good possibilities to dock small boats, thanks to its protected location and some buoys. In Acquaviva's pine-forest you can take on to a very steep track also called della Sorgente and reach Acquavivetta, Acquavivetta beach, framed by rocks and snow-white pebbles. Cala dei Frati is a cove that holds crystal clear waters , but can only be reached from the sea, a fact that even in summer makes it less visited. On the way to Enfola you can stop at Sansone, beach, framed by cliffs and embellished by a fine, brilliant white and almost dazzling pebbles. Capo d'Enfola d'Enfola beach is clearly divided into two parts: the southern part protected by the Viticcio Gulf and very busy since the pier allows mooring of boats, while the northern part, exposed to the north wind, often is occupied by stranded boats . If you have a small boat, one of the most pleasant things to do is going to Mount Enfolabeach, made up of three distinguished coves, adorned with gorge caves and rocks, where your only company will be cormorants. Pinetina beach is decisively small but beautiful and you get there from the main road by stopping just before getting to Enfola, where you take on to a narrow and steep track. If you love rocks you should choose the central part of the Viticcio Gulf which offers as many as five beaches. The central one is basically a small harbor, but if you are able to walk between the rocks you will reach the farther ones. The very famous Biodola beach is easily accessible and thanks to its many comforts, it is suitable for families with children Caletta di Forno is lovely and made up of tiny transparent quartz grains and protected by the Biodola Gulf. Within the same gulf you will find Scaglieri beach, somewhat isolated, that with its fine sand makes up the natural extension of Bidola beach. Lovers of uncontaminated nature will find a small paradise as they reach Lamaia beach, confining with Marciana beach and connected to Biodola beach by the so-called "sentiero della salute", the "health track", a shadowy path in the middle of the greenery. The harbor at Portoferraio is lovely as well and you can get to know it starting from the well-equipped and easily accessible Bagnaia beach, confining with Rio nell'Elba and well protected inside a gulf. A thick shadowy wood, ideal for relax, crowns behind Ottonella Ottonella beach around which tiny and delicious coves are spread. Ottone beach, nearby, got its name from the homonymous villa that raises behind it and even if it is a quite wide beach, it never gets too crowded. Magazzini beach facing clear and pure water offers peace without tiring walks. Walking from Magazzini beach you easily reach the very long and narrow beach Schiopparello that offers isolated coves for those who want peace even in August. Le Prade beach is Schiopparellos' natural extension, with tamarisks that stretch on to the beach and offers shadow all through the day. Bigeschi and Grotte Grotte beach are characterized by an almost black pebble bottom. They are narrow with residences behind them and difficult to reach from the very steep road that you come on to nearby Villa Romana, coming from Portoferraio. San Giovanni instead, is well equipped and easily accessible. It is the center for the homonymous Nautical Club and even though it is not very suitable for swimming, it gives you the possibility to take your animal friends, that normally are not very appreciated, for a walk,. The area of the Antiche Saline (Ancient Salt-pans), next to Terme San Giovanni, also offers the Antiche Saline cove, small and silent and well protected from the waves.

Photos from APT Tuscan Archipelago and Mediaweb srl.
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