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ELBA >> Rio Marina
The Beaches
Rio Marina probably offers the broadest choice of beaches on the island, with its favorable location that allows you to visit a long part of the coastline with two clearly distinct faces. The eastern part is Elba's mining heart, where the beaches for the most part are made of discharge material, while the western part is the islands' most wild part, with faces overhanging the sea and splendid coves that often only can be reached from the sea. To get to the charming cove Capo d'Arco , you have to accept getting on to a steep and not very easy path that winds through a privately owned forest. Ortano beach, which is easily reached, is made of fine sand and pebbles.
To get to Porticciolo di Rio and Luigi d'Angelo beach you only need to follow the indications for Porticciolo along the road from Rio Marina and from which you get on to an excavated street until you reach a parking-place where you walk down the stairs that lead you to the shadowy and by rocks, well-protected beaches. The cove Marina di Gennaro is small and delightful and you get there by leaving the car where Porticciolo's excavated street intersects with the road from Rio Marina. Park the car and walk down the sloping path that leads to the cove, framed by charming and stratified rocks. Torre beach is near the center of Rio Marina and is small and charming thanks to the fascinating frame made out of the Tore dell'Orologio. Vigneria beach can only be reached from the sea and is made out of large and rough reddish colored pebbles from the ferrous materials they contain Malpasso di Rio beach requires a tiring walk from the nearby beach Ripa Bianca, but is very peaceful thanks to its rather uncomfortable location. The charm is increased by the incredibly glimmering sand, the wild aspect and the stocks brought on to the beach by sea-storms. Topinetti is a classical kind of beach on this western side of the island, completely formed by discard from the mines and easily accessible by following the indications along the road from Rio Marina to Cavo. If you continue along that very road and park the car at the crossing for Cala Seregola you get to Direttore beach, characterized by a fine, black and glimmering sand, fenced in by an ilex groove that gives shelter during the hotter hours. Those who love solitude and nature should go to Fiammingo beach, framed by a thick ilex wood, while the near cove Fornacelle offers a charming foreshortening of Piombino and every comfort within reach. Cavo beach is united with San Bennato Bennato beach and together they make out one of the longest sand scythes on the island, protected inside a wide gulf and characterized by a fine mixture of sand and pebbles. Cavo beach, at the homonymous village, is even able to accommodate families with children as it is well-equipped, while cala dell'Alga, , accessible by taking on to a narrow path that branches off from the residences on via Capo Castello, offers peace, silence and crystal-clear water but few comforts as there are very sharp cliffs. Frugoso or Capo Castello,beach is an alternative to Cavo beach and is easily reached from the Kennedy promenade. The water quality is excellent and it could be interesting to do an excursion to the close-by island Isola dei Topi. Capo Vita beach can only be reached from the sea, spectacular and desert, but constantly swept by the waves raised by the ferries going to and from Piombino. The snow-white stones on the bottom of the sea makes the impression of transparent water even stronger at the cove Lentisco which you reach through the trekking-path connecting it with Cavo, surrounded by rocks shaped by the breakers and shrubs, typical for the Mediterranean bush. Another trekking path that branches off from Cavo, after about half hour, leads you to the cove Mandriola where the sea-storms strongly have eroded the cliffs but that holds an almost intact environment that offers peace and a crystal-clear sea. Even here though, the waves from the ferries can become annoying. Taking on to the very same path you also get to the lovely cove Pisciatoio, characterized by fine pebbles and white stones, framed by the Mediterranean bush from behind and embellished by an absolutely pure and transparent sea.

Photos from APT Tuscan Archipelago and Mediaweb srl.
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